ANNOUNCEMENT: Rotting Out - Unable to make 2013 Australian tour with Cold World

Disappointing news to say the least. We can confirm new Australian dates for Rotting Out are under way.

Official statement below;

It is with great disappointment and sadness that I have to announce that Rotting Out will not be appearing on the scheduled Cold World tour or Break The Ice Festival later this month. After long deliberation with the band it was decided that the tour was no longer possible. Both the band and I were greatly looking forward to the tour and had high expectations. Rotting Out vocalist Walter Delgado had this to say about the cancellation;

“Rotting Out apologizes for any inconveniences we have caused with the cancelation of our Australia and New Zealand tour.  We are disappointed in ourselves for letting you all down. We are all devastated that we can’t go and hope to make it up to you all as soon as we can”

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